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    Ceramic Frit Glass

    Ceramic frit glass is produced by silk-screen (or roller) printing ceramic frit paints onto glass followed by drying and heat-treating to form a permanent coating. With a variety of durable colors and patterns, ceramic frit glass has optimal concealing and solar control performance in addition to decoration, and has been widely used in building decoration industry etc.

    While progressively stressing low carbon and environment protection, building materials need to be environment-friendly. Monitored by experienced frit experts and engineers, and following the world advanced standard, the ceramic frit glass has assured quality for durability, consistency and so on. Applications of the new environment-friendly ceramic frit glass together with high performance low-e glass exhibit combined effect of the natural color of frit with the dynamic reflective color of low-e coating, not only creating added aesthetic effect to building facade but also improving solar control performance, which are surely additional options for architectural design of green buildings